NBN and VoIP Solutions

Available for Commercial

Working with our partners Nexlo  can save you time and money when offering business grade NBN and enterprise VoIP phone services.

Please read our case study of Axiom Psychology where we replaced their old phone system and saved 70% on their monthly bills


What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Old phone systems travelled across the phone network while VoIP calls travel over the internet. Because it is like any other device connected to the internet there is a lot more flexibility and customisations you can perform.

What benefits does VoIP offer?

Our VOIP system allows you to simply make changes to your network whenever you want like voicemail to email, easily change greeting messages, emergency call forwarding. VoIP allows you to slash the cost of old phone systems provided by other providers.

Can I keep my existing phone numbers when switching to VoIP?

Yes. All Australian and New Zealand numbers can be ported over to Nexlo's cloud based VoIP management software. You can even request new numbers.

What equipment do I need to use VoIP?

All you need is a VoIP compatible phone, Nexlo sells and supports Yealink VoIP phones. They come in a huge range of models and prices to suit your business needs.

How does VoIP support remote and mobile workers?

The great thing with VoIP is that you can literally pick up the desktop phone and take it anywhere with an internet connection and plug it in. You can take your business phone anywhere. Reliable internet is recommended. Also your VoIP number can be forwarded to your mobile phone for extra mobility

What kind of technical support is available for VoIP users?

Nexlo provides the same 24/7 support for its VoIP registered customers as it does for its Managed Service IT customers. Anything from changing your phone greeting for a public holiday to replacing or upgrading hardware.

How does VoIP pricing work, and what are the cost-saving benefits?

Nexlo's VoIP pricing is based on a per user license fee. For example the Unlimited Local, National and Mobile which plan is 24.95, with no extra charges. This price does not include desktop phone price or initial set up.

What internet speeds does Nexlo provide

Depending on your location Nexlo can provide speeds anywhere from basic 100/40 Megabits to ultra fast 1000/400 Megabits.