Cost Savings for MDA Property

Cost Savings for MDA Property

Project overview

MDA Property wanted to cut monthly Information and Communications costs. The office had an old file server and an old Telstra phone system that needed to be updated.

MDA Property
VOIP and Office 365


Initially, we transferred all files from the outdated on-site server to a Microsoft SharePoint document library. Following this, Nexlo established connections between office computers and their Office 365 Azure domain for authentication purposes.

The phone system, comprising three desktop phones, was found to be underutilized. Calls to the local number were being forwarded to the director's mobile phone, incurring charges from Telstra. Nexlo resolved this issue by migrating the local number to their VOIP cloud solution, enabling cost-free forwarding.

Project results

The present cost reduction achieved by opting out of managing an onsite server and hosting phones through Telstra amounts to 55% solely in the Information and Communication expenses.

Cost Savings for MDA Property

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